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6. The Raggy Rabbit

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Hi I’m Lucy, if this is the first time you’ve visited Witch-Watch then this is where I write about the strange stuff that happens in Ballyyahoo. If you start here you might miss something, so if I were you, I’d go back to the beginning and start there. To go to the start you can click where it says Witch-watch.

If you’ve been following my stories you will already know that last week, when I was following Biddy, the woman I think just might be a real, live witch, a strange gust of wind came from nowhere and blew a black feather around – in a very odd way. Well, since then, something terrible has happened…


rabbitI’ve been looking after the Raggy Rabbit for Miss Parrot. She is one of my neighbours here in Ballyyahoo. There are two Miss Parrots because they are twins. They are identical twins so they are exactly the same, apart from their ears.



One Miss Parrot has a pointy left ear but the other one has a roundy one. They both keep their ears covered with their hair because they like confusing people. You never see both Miss Parrots together. Some people say there is only one Miss Parrot and that she just pretends to have a twin for the craic!

The Miss Parrot with the pet rabbit has been away visiting her mad cousin, Norbert, who she says lives in a big winding tree house in his back garden because he wants to keep the inside of his house clean and he doesn’t like doing housework!

The other Miss Parrot has been away in hospital getting a bit of rusty gate removed from her foot – again!  She’s always getting bits of rusty gate removed from her foot.



Miss Parrot said that her silly sister should stop climbing gates in her bare feet but the other Miss Parrot says she likes climbing gates in her bare feet. She’s a bit of an eejit – if you ask me but then nobody ever does.

The first day was grand, no problems. To get to Miss Parrot’s place I took a short cut through the fields and over the hill of wild rabbitsBallyyahoo, like I always do. I picked grass and a few dandelions for Raggy’s dinner along the way. When I was picking them I saw a few of the Raggy Rabbit’s country cousins, they’re different than Raggy and nowhere near as fluffy. They don’t come close, as they are probably scared.

I brought Raggy his dinner and he scoffed it up. I knew he was enjoying it because the munchy noises got louder and louder until he was finished.

After dinner, I let Raggy out into the garden and he ran around for a bit. I thought he looked a bit fed up but then the sun came out and Raggy seemed to like the warmth because he gave himself a big stretch. He looked sad when I put him back in again. I suppose he missed the two Miss Parrots as well.

turloughI came back home across the fields. I could have come home through the lanes and boreens since I wasn’t picking anything, but if it hasn’t been raining I’d rather go through the fields. If there’s been heavy rain you have to be careful as a lot of the fields around Ballyyahoo turn into bogs. One field even turns into a Turlough, which is like a lake, except it’s not there all the time – only at certain times of the year.


It didn’t rain yesterday either so I was able to pick dandelions on my way to feed Raggy. I was looking forward to seeing him again and watching him eat them. I love the funny way he eats – his mouth twitches and scrunches up.

But, when I got there I couldn’t see him. First of all I thought he was hiding in the back of the hutch but when I looked in he wasn’t there either. I searched all around the run and then I combed every inch of the garden but Raggy had disappeared and I had not got a single clue where to!

If you want to find out what happened next you can click here for Episode 7.

If you want to start reading from the beginning of my stories then click here  or click on the cauldron below.


 Come back soon!

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