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Cat Care – How Maggie Many Cats cared for the lost Kittens of Ballyyahoo

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Cat care – this is Episode 2

Click here to read the 1st episode of this story:  Baby Kittens arrive in Ballyyahoo.

aby kitten - illustrating a children’s story about cat care Cat care is very important and Maggie Many cats really cares about her cats.

One day, Maggie found some abandoned kittens in the Witchy Woods.

She took them home, fed them carefully and made sure they were lovely and cosy in her warm kitchen.

You can read about the day Maggie found those baby kittens here.

The kittens seemed happy and healthy but Maggie was worried.

She had no idea how long the kittens had been alone in the woods and they would need to be checked out by the Ballyyahoo vet.

baby kitten - illustrating a children’s story about cat careThe Ballyyahoo vet is called Mister Petalot and he petted the kittens while he listened to Maggie tell the story of how she found the little kittens in the Witchy Woods.

He agreed that they needed a really good checkup.

Maggie didn’t have to wait long. Mister Petalot said they were a healthy little bunch.

However, he reminded her how important it was that the little kittens get vaccinated against various cat diseases like Parvo, cat flu and more.

It didn’t take long for Mister Petalot to vaccinate the little kittens and they didn’t mind at all.

Well, they did a little bit but it was all over in seconds but even they knew it was better to be a vaccinated cat than to be a sick cat,


Mister Petalot reminded Maggie that the kittens would have to be neutered as well.

He said he would send her a little cat care card to remind her when it was time.

Neutering cats is an important part of good cat care. If cats aren’t neutered they can produce hundreds of kittens.

Even Maggie Many Cats can only care for so many cats.

Maggie promised Mister Petalot she would bring the kittens back as soon as she got the cat care card.


Maggie was relieved to hear the little kittens were well.

To celebrate their good health, Maggie Many Cats bought them some new little toys.

She also baked an enormous chocolate cream and fresh raspberry cake.

She intended to make a cup of strong tea and enjoy her cake while watching the happy little kittens playing.

What didn’t know was that Sergeant Sid had walked past her house earlier on that day.

Now, Sergeant Sid has a nose for cake and the delicious scent of cake had wafted out through Maggie’s open window straight up Sid’s nose.


Now, in case you didn’t know, Sergeant Sid has an atrociously sweet tooth and no sweet, cake or biscuit is safe when he’s around.

Besides having a terrible sweet tooth, Sergeant Sid is the most bored policeman in Ireland.

Sergeant Sid is bored because there is never any crime in Ballyyahoo.

Because there is no crime, Sergeant Sid spends all his free time making crimes up.

He spends the rest of his time delivering on-the-spot fines to anyone unfortunate enough to be passing by the station with a pocket full of chocolate – Sid loves chocolate.

Sid had plenty of time to think of something that day.

That day had been a long day and even quieter than ever.

All the kids had gone to the Ballyyahoo bog because old Paddy Plant told them he’d seen a Banshee drifting around a misty pond.

Paddy hadn’t really seen the Banshee at all.

Paddy Plant just likes to tell a tall story and he told the kids that to stop them making noise in the lane outside his house.

But the kids of Ballyyahoo weren’t to know that and nobody was going to tell them.

The kids were on a school holiday and were enjoying being very as noisy as they could.

The noisy kids were driving the people of Ballyyahoo, bonkers, round the bend and up the twist.

They were glad to get rid of them, at least for as long as it took the boisterous bunch of brats to figure out that Paddy Plant was telling his tall tales.

Sergeant Sid had simply had enough of this long, quiet, boring day. He was desperate for someone to break one of his makey-up laws.

Today, that someone was going to be poor old Maggie Many Cats.

As soon as he reached the station he suddenly realized what he could do. He turned on his heel and headed back towards Maggie’s house.

Sergeant Sid would have run all the way if he could but he was too fat from eating all those sweets and cakes, so he had to settle for walking as quickly as his wobbly legs would allow.

Once at Maggie’s door he knocked loud enough to wake up one of Paddy Plant’s sleeping donkeys.

Brown donkey - illustrating a children’s story about cat careThe donkey began to hee-haw and loud hee-hawing was against one of Sergeant Sid’s laws.

But he didn’t care. He was out to catch a criminal – preferably one with cake.

Inside the house, Maggie had a very strong feeling it was the man she secretly called ‘that eejit, Sergeant Sid.’

Every single time she baked a cake, bought a bar of chocolate, or a bag of biscuits, ‘that eejit, Sergeant Sid,’ would come banging on her door.

He was always charging her with this crime and that crime – each crime more eejity than the last.

Only a few short weeks ago he had charged her with making soup on a Tuesday and had fined her a bar of chocolate.

Maggie Many Cats was worried. What trouble would Sergeant Sid bring to her doorstep today?



Greystones Kitty Hostel is based in County Wicklow in Ireland. It is a charity which helps to relieve the distress suffered by abandoned and feral cats by providing a T.N.R, (Trap. Neuter. Return) rescue service.



Each book you buy contributes towards providing this entirely voluntary kitten rescue service.

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