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Welcome to Ballyyahoo. If you’ve never heard of Ballyyahoo before it’s not really surprising! You see Ballyyahoo is a secret little place that might just be in, near, around, or beside the beautiful County of Galway in Ireland.

blue-bayBallyyahoo might be home to this little bay and it also might be so close to the Atlantic ocean it’s practically falling in, or, it might not be near any of those places at all.

Ballyyahoo is so secret that even people who live in Ireland don’t know exactly where it is, so don’t try to find it – you’ll only get lost and end up in Ballyuseless and you REALLY don’t want to end up in Ballyuseless!


The people of Ballyyahoo are called Ballyyahooians. There aren’t all that many people living in Ballyyahoo so if you come back here often you’ll soon get to know  them.

For a start there’s Gerry Mac, his bad cousin Kevin, Maggie-many-cats, Sergeant Sid, the two Miss Parrots, Paddy Plant, Mister and Missus Bukend, Seanie Kelly, not to mention Biddy, who just might be a witch or just might be a very ordinary woman who loves to eat roasted peanuts on the way home from her Zumba dancing class.


One really important Ballyyahooian is Lucy. She is an eleven year-old spotted-horsegirl who blogs about  Ballyyahoo. Lucy has two blogs. The first one is called nature in ballyyahoo. This is where she writes all about the natural world, from the many spotted horses you see here to the lesser-spotted squawk-birds you can meet later on.


Lucy loves the supernatural world almost as much as she loves the natural world so when she begins to suspect that there might just be  a witch around Ballyyahoo she starts writing all about her adventures searching for the witch on her other blog: Witch-Watch. 

I hope you enjoy my stories from Ballyyahoo and there’s loads of free ones just for you.

I really love hearing from my readers so don’t forget to say hello or leave a comment in the box.

Take care.





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