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Kitten Stories – Maggie Many Cats and the Ballyyahoo Kittens

Kitten Stories – this is Episode 3 of this series. Click here to read the very 1st episode. To learn how Maggie Many Cats cared for the lost Kittens of Ballyyahoo read on… Maggie Maggie Many Cats was very alarmed, Sergeant Sid was banging on her door and that meant trouble. Sergeant Sid always meant […]

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Stories About Cats

I wrote Maggie-Many-Cats And The Cat That Flew In The Window to help support the desperate and destitute cats of Ireland. GREYSTONES KITTY HOSTEL My daughter, Louise Cardiff, her team of volunteers, run a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) charity. The charity is called Greystones Kitty Hostel. This small but dedicated team help, rescue and neuter Ireland’s […]

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