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Christmas Stories Online

It’s only fair to share…Disaster strikes Ballyyahoo when Santa and Rudolph turn up on Christmas Eve and instead of leaving gifts, they steal all the presents away. It turns out Santa and Rudolph aren’t all they seem. They’re a pair of wicked villains in disguise and they’re determined to destroy Christmas in Ballyyahoo. Kevin and […]

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A Baby Chicken Is Born In Ballyyahoo

It’s only fair to share…Baby chickens don’t come every day in Ballyyahoo but when they do it’s a lovely surprise. For Cori-the-hen woman there was more than a surprise when Tweetie was born. It happened in early November, which in Ballyyahoo, is a time when night comes early and stays into the morning. This a […]

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Stories About Cats

It’s only fair to share…I wrote Maggie-Many-Cats And The Cat That Flew In The Window to help support the desperate and destitute cats of Ireland. GREYSTONES KITTY HOSTEL My daughter, Louise Cardiff, her team of volunteers, run a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return) charity. The charity is called Greystones Kitty Hostel. This small but dedicated team help, […]

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Christmas Comes To Ballyyahoo

It’s only fair to share…CHRISTMAS EVE IN BALLYYAHOO Ballyyahoo is one of the best places in Ireland to be at Christmas. There is a big party on Christmas Eve and absolutely everyone in Ballyyahoo goes along. The Ballyyahooians put great big long tables along the main street and they all bring lots of home-made food […]

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